Wedding Dress

Title of Garment: Ethel Howey Wedding Dress
Date Made: 1989, documented with garment on paper
Made by: Ethel Howey
Size of Garment: Misses size 6-8
Description of Item: Wedding dress is made of 100% cotton ecru muslin (dark ivory). Batting is cotton of a very light weight. The garment is machine pieced and hand quilted with trim of ribbon and lace. Hand quilted wedding dress is floor length with a detachable train. Garment has empire waist, long front darts, 18" back zipper and measures 56.5" from shoulder seam to floor. Front yoke of dress is edged in ribbon measuring •;.." in width and is matching ecru color with additional of lace measuring %" in width. Neckline of dress is high with 3 rows of 3/4" lace in ruffles with 2 ribbon insets. The dress has empress sleeves and detachable lower arms known as bracelets. The lower sleeve has 8 small pearl button and loop button closures. Detachable train measures 68" at center and is scalloped at back edge, trailing to a length of3 'on the floor. The outer edge is trimmed with ribbon and lace matching the rest of the dress. The train attaches to the back waist of the dress with hidden hooks and eyes.
Quilting: Entire garment has background diagonal grid measuring 2" x 2" overall. Front yoke of dress has feathered heart. As well as feathered motifs on the cap of the sleeves and around the bottom of the dress. The bottom of the dress has shell motif with feathered and scalloped and swag effect with quilting. The lower hem is scalloped and trimmed in lace. The detachable train has overall background quilting of 2" x 2" diagonal grid with 2 feathered motifs on it and lower edge of train is scalloped with shell motif and swag quilting. The train is finished with lace and ribbon to match the rest of the dress. Some quilting is executed in silk thread.
Construction: excellent, seams are secure, trims are secure to garment
Quilting: excellent, small, even stitching
Design Source: original design by maker
Condition: very good; two stains noted on garment, one on left back should and one on front center of garment. Comment made by guild member that the stains were notthere in 2005 when the item was last examined.
Notations: Garment was made for the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild Style Show in 1989. Donated by family of Ethel Howey to Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild Permanent Collection. Rarity of item reflected in value of item.