Mexican Star

Pattern name/ title: Mexican Star
Date Made: 1989
Maker: members of the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild, quilted by Master Quilters
Size: 76" x 92 5"
Predominant Colors: brown, ran, reds, greens
Fabrics: cotton prints, paisleys
Backing: muslin
Batting/Fill: polyester, thin
Techniques: hand pieced, hand quilted
Description: 20 blocks, each measuring 15.5'' x 15.5'' in the Mexican Star pattern. Set straight 4 x 5. There are 3 borders, #1: 1.5" dark brown, #2" 2.5" tan, #2: 3.25" in width paisley Edge Treatment: 1/4" straight grain binding machine applied to front and hand stitched to back of quilt.
Quilting Designs: Variable grid quilting, outline, in the ditch, irregular cross hatch in border double curl motif on edges of quilt and setting pieces.
Provenance 1989, Quilt Projects Committe headed byAlverda Kline
Notations: quilted by the members of the Greater San Antonio Quilt Conservancy