Diadem Star Variation

Date Made: 3rd Quarter 19th Century
Maker: Sarah Elizabeth Kelly Jones
Size: 78.5" x 98.75"
Predominant Colors: browns, green, pinks, blue, red
Fabrics: cotton prints, plaids, solids, conversation prints, paisley
Backing: heavy printed cotton fabric
Batting/Fill: cotton, medium thickness
Techniques: hand pieced, hand quilted
Description: 20 blocks, each measuring 16.5" x 16.5" in an unknown pattern that combines elements of Le Mayne Star, and Ice Crystals. Set straight 4 x 5. There are no borders, but sashing measuring 2.5" in width, green printed cotton fabric with red cornerstones.
Edge Treatment: 1/4" straight grain binding from back to front then hand stitched to front of quilt
Quilting Designs: quilting is individualized to blocks, outline quilting, with change in thread color to compliment colors in blocks
Construction: very good, seams are secure, points match
Quilting: primitive, moderate amount on quilt
Condition/Restoration: very good, minor repairs noted, splitting in one brown fabric on quilt. Repairs effected by Sherry Allred, 2002
Provenance quilt acquired by the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild under unknown circumstances
Notations: colors are fresh and clear on quilt.