97" X 83“
Cotton fabric and cotton batting
Applique and embroidery
This quilt was made from a kit donated to the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild, Inc. It was one of two kits purchased with five skeins of embroidery floss and two quilt backings from Chicago's Marshall Fields on January 30, 1951. This information comes from the original sales slip, still with the kits when they were donated to the Guild in 1992. The kits were made by Paragon, a company still well known for needlecraft kits and designs. The purchaser apparently started to make quilt tops from both kits but never completed either. This quilt, the top of which was almost finished, was completed by the members of the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild, Inc., as a demonstration project at their 1993 quilt show. Because the kits had been stored in a garage for many years before they were donated to the Guild, they were laundered before work was begun.
This kit quilt has a single seam and is a preprinted appliqué kit. There are hearts, flowers, leaves, and birds as well as fruit on the front of the quilt. Stylized pomegranates circle a 2 flower motif, 2 birds below that and 2 pots with flowering plants at sides of quilt. There is an appliqué at edge of quilt that is a swag with drop in green.