Institute of Texan Cultures Quilters

The Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild provides weekly quilting demonstrations at the Institute of Texan Cultures. A traditional quilting bee is portrayed with a quilt in a quilt frame. The quilters take turns working on each others quilts. Once a year a Guild Quilt top is put in the frame. It is entirely hand quilted. Then it is sold at the annual auction.

Once a year, in June, San Antonio celebrates its many cultures with the Folk Life Festival. The Guild always participates by providing quilters, dressed in traditional costume, around a quilt frame. This is always a popular exhibit at the festival. Many visitors share stories of a mother or grandmother they remember seeing at a quilt frame.

This Quilt was made by guild members. It was designed from a poster commissioned by the Texas Folklife Festival. It hangs in the Institute of Texan Cultures.


Institute of Texan Cultures